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Winter 2010

Posted by wolfersphotography on June 22, 2010 at 10:17 PM Comments comments (5)

Howdy _ I cant belive its winter - its so cold outside and has been close to zero overnight in Melbourne.

Work has been very busy and i have jobs all over Victoria, which is good, and i have even had the opoortunity to travel to Sydney on busienss which is a great excuse to get the camera out at night in a different city (see the Night Life page shots of sydney).  We spent christmas at bega with my suster which was great, loads of wildlife action. In April we have been to tasmania for a quick west coast trip including three days at Cradle Mountain - we have decided we will retire down there so long as im within 100km of Cradle Mountain. Love that place.  I have been to a few Australian Rules footy matches this year and I have taken big "Bertha" along (my 400mm lens) and have tried some action shots but it really needs good lighting for the higher shutter speeds (its hard on those dark cliyundy days with an "f" stop of only 5.6) hence we need to bump up the ISO and shutter speeds to freeze the action. 


I went to the city a few weeks back with JC and we went especially for night tiem shots in the wet (which allows for greater colour and reflections on road surfaces).  We had a great night and saw a few drunken and graffiti arrests.  --  That night JC and I got harrassed at 2am by two nighclub bouncers on a street in Fitzroy just north of the CBD (our version of Kings Cross) who said we were not allowed to take photos of them and their nightclub and they also threatened to take our cameras and break them. I was not too worried as we knew who the bouncers were and where they worked.  We also fully know our rights about the threats being actually being carried out and we knew (very well) that we can take photos of: anyone, at any time, from any public place (ie roads, parks, beaches, city squares, etc..). We were a little upset at the verbal abuse -  so we did call the police that night and they came and went and told the bouncers to back off and that we had every right to take photos anytime we want to. The bouncers really just try to intimidate people but in reality they have no rights to do so in public spaces.




 I would love to get 100 + camera club members with tripods to stand in a row outside the night club one evening and take photos - just to make a point publically about our rights.



Anyway, it was a good bit of excitement for the week.









Autumn 2009

Posted by wolfersphotography on May 23, 2009 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (4)

Howdy !

I cant believe its now May 2009, its been an unbeliveable year already and i cant get over how long its been since i posted a blog, sorry about that !

Last Christmas Dad and i bought new cameras, the Canon 50d, and we are now able to share lenses, of course.

They year started well with a nice holiday in January up at Bega in NSW at my Sisters place, i found some emerging owl flys and dragon flys in her pond and got some great Macro shots, lots of other birds, bugs n wildlife too.

I spent some time stalking the Kingfishers at Pound Bend at Warrandyte in Melbourne and managed to find a nest site, i sat in a camp chair for hours and managed a few good shots with my big 400mm lens, theyre a nevous bird and patience is required, they have a distinctive call sound so you can tell where they are. I got some coming in and out of the tree hollow. I was so well camoflaged in my "greens" that as i was sitting less than 5m from a walking path (where i had left my camera bag) i scared a lady terribly as she stopped to pick up my bag. Quite funny really.

February came with the shock of Victorias worst ever bushfires, all roads were closed for over a month and no public access was allowed in these areas.

On the 7th of February 2009, the day of the major bush fire, we thought we had lost a friend in Kinglake, only to be happy to see his face on TV the next day, it was a miracle that he and his family survived, his house (and every house bar one) and fifteen neighbours were lost. For all the T.V. images and videos, nothing really compares with your first drive though the area, the devastation is unbeliveable, there is nothing but war to compare it to!

In a strange way, the burnt forests and melted objects have had an incredible impact on me, theyre surreal. The melted car windscreen is the most amazing with its long dribble of glass frozen in time. 

 I have dedicated this Bushfire page in memory of all life and land lost.

It shows both wider and detailed objects and is intended as a documentary of the event.   It is not intended to upset or be offensive in any way.

Its purely for documentary purposes.

It is still too raw for some to look at , but i believe that in time, we will want to look back on an incredible part of history and for me i just dont want to forget it either.

I have supplied many of the aerial photographs to the local historical societies for their records and some regrowth photos to the Department of Sustainability in Victoria, who are mapping the regrowth.

I was fortunate enough to fly over the area in a helicopter in March.  The aerial shots are just amazing. Our first visits to the forests were very dangerous with the sounds of many branches falling.  But incredibly after 5 weeks of absolutely no water or food, we found survivors: lyrebirds, lace monitor lizards, two kangaroos (one of which was injured and we arranged for it to be picked up and taken to the Healesville Sanctuary for care) and two wombats (a mum and child) for which we organised a wildlife carer to feed them, every few days and which i donated some money for the feed).

In later weeks, the regrowth began, the grass trees were the first to sprout at around 4 to 5 weeks, then the eucalyts, some grasses and fern shoots. But even after 12 weeks, some areas just have not begun to re-sprout, at all.  I think the intensity of the fire was so incredibly hot that many forests will not recover for years. Erosion is a major risk now with miles of bare soils. It is with saddness that i believe our two rescued wombats are gone, my good friend Val Rees and I found the pair in a burrow along the creek in Old Kinglake Road in Steels Creek. I think they are now dead due to the heavy rains having flooded and completely filled the creek with silt and their burrow buried. The trees had fallen blocking the creek and the silt was 2 metres deep in parts. Not much could have been done to prevent it. There are two photographs of these little guys on the Bushfire Page = R.I. P.

As a senior town planner and having experienced the difficulties in dealing with the bushfire recovery efforts following the Ferny Creek Bushfires in Jan 1997 and beacuse there are significant recovery issues, i decided to write an article on the incredible and long process of recovery.

It was published on the ABC Melbourne website via this link:

I will shortly post a Bushfire Documentary - Audio Visual, via the "See My Slide Shows" link. The music by Gustav Mahler still gets to me, its an incredibly emotional piece, if you have sound please turn it on.

Since then, we have had a short holiday to Port Campbell in April and my work in May has been really busy so my photography opportunities have reduced, but i will get out and about soon when things settle down.

Kind regards in these difficult times !


Posted by wolfersphotography on October 30, 2008 at 5:37 AM Comments comments (1)

Spring 2008

Wow, its spring already?

It has been a busy last few months.  I have decided to resign from my place of employment in July (as a town planner) to work for my self.  It has been busy chasing work, but at the same time easier to set my own agenda/work days and times and hence I have been able to get out and do more photography.

Photography wise, things have been changing, I have become more interested in photographging people and photojournalism style shots.  Its hard to get up close to get candid shots so i often use a 200 to 400mm length D'slr lens to catch them by stealth (usually on the other side of a road).  I like to get people in natural poses as theres nothing worse than a forced or fake pose. Some things I have enjoyed has been catching people doing graffiti art workers(generally these guys are ok to photograph as long as you dont get their faces too detailed ... and i always ask them first), sports n action such as: skaters, motorbike stunt riders at the Melb show and some action at the Australian Rules Football games. Some of the shots in the Sports page are from the Hawks v StKilda night game (It was the Preliminary Final ) and the Hawks went on to win the Grand Final in 2008. I got some nice shots of Robert Harvey (a famous StKilda player) in his last game ever. (Hooray, we are a Hawks family). I have also caught a fire twirler in action one night in the city at night and some cool young street dancers (see the People page).

Now that its Spring , I have been getting back into doing some more bird shots and I have just spent a week in Mallacoota (in far eastern Victoria) where there were loads of wonderful birds, eagles and Eastern Water Dragons (lizards) which were just amazing and they allowed us to shoot at close range.  I have followed this up with a few more bird shots from Coolart Wetlands< Balnaring and Pound Bend, Warrandyte, so check out the Bird Life and Animal pages.

On the competition front, I have been doing ok with a few good 2nd and 3rd Placings and some Merits this year.  I have just been awarded my Licentiateship Honours (LAPS) by the Australian Photography Society at Apscon in Sept 2008.  Its the first stage of their honour system and I did it through the panel assessment process.  I had to submit 12 images for assessment by a panel of APS judges.   I have five images in the 2008 Canon 5 - creative competition this year and yes I made the finals again.  Each year you get a box of 5 items that you have to use creatively in an image. This year we got: a crayon, a cocktail umbrella, a tea light, some bubbles and a red ribbon, so check out my images in my Creative page or go to the Canon, Aust web site and look at user name Lou Wolfers.  (PS: I made the finals last year in 2007).  Also recently I got four (4) images published in a book of Nature and Landscape Photography which were awarded Highly Commended entries in this years 2008 ANZANG - Nature Photography Competition.  Go check out the www.anzang web site for the winners and runner up shots.

I still see some need for improvement technically (focus and overall image quality) and I am working towards this now!!  Particularly ive been trying to get some good bird shots requires hours of patiences and just sitting in a chair (dressed in green) and waiting silently. Theres always something to improve on !   So please keep practising and you will improve.

A new camera would help ... xmas is coming !! 

Bye for now and cheers from,


Autumn Part 2 2008

Posted by wolfersphotography on May 17, 2008 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (5)

G'day its May!

I have been back from Cradle Mountain for a month and it was great (i cant stop thinking about it).  It was only for 4 days (without the hubby and kids) but was designated solely for photography. We awoke at 6am each day and photographed most of the day until 6pm. The weather was overcast with only a few sunny breaks. We have to cope with what weve got weather wise. We walked miles and i took heaps of shots. There were 7 of us on a photo tour with Richard White, who is a well known professional photographer. Most of the shots are in the Landscape and Rainforest pages but please do check out the platypus in the Animal page. Theres an interesting Infra Red shot of Cradle Mountain in the Infra Red page.

Recently i have been up at Cement Creek (on Mt Donna Buang which is approx 70km east of Melbourne) and i have been photographing the fungi and rainforest landscapes again. The fungi is always out from the 1st of May and its ben a bumper crop, so check out the Macro page.

I have also found out that i got 1st place and a Merit in the Animated section of the Australian Photography Societies Autumn Audio Visual Competition.  The first place was for my AV on Graffiti and the merit was for my Infra Red stuff.  My intention was to show people that some graffiti is a legitimate art form. You can see the Graffiti AV by following the link in the Slide Show page.

I am in the middle of doing a few new Audio Visuals that should be online in the coming months, one for Autumn, one for Cradle Mountain and one for a Rodeo that i went to in February.

Cheers for now !





Autumn 2008

Posted by wolfersphotography on March 29, 2008 at 11:16 PM Comments comments (5)

Howdy y'all!

Autumn is here but we havent had much rain, still on water restrictions and i have lost a lot of plants from my garden. I have a water tank but even watering the plants is not enough!

Its been a busy few months with school and work occupying alot of my time but i have been able to get out a bit. 

In January i have been going to the zoo alot shootiong lots of animal shots (see some in the Animals page) as i had been asked to judge a photo competition and give a short talk on Animal photography at the Coldstream Photographic Society (in feb).  I think it went well even though i have never judged a photo competition before and i was quite nervous. The hardest thing is not being negative all the time, but to give honest and helpful appraisals of other peoples photos and then pick the winners.  Its not an easy task in front of a crowd.  I still, i have lots to learn and i hope i get to do it again sometime soon.

In February I went to the Cranbourne Rodeo (for the first time) and that was just amazing action, it was late evening 7pm so the light was getting dim and you need a high shutter speed to catch the action of the bull riding. See the Sports page.

Also in February i went to the Phillip Island Classic Car races which involves 3 days of racing lots of old cars (really old bugattis, ex F1 and other classics) and this was just fabulous as you could walk around the pits, touch the cars, talk to the drivers and see the races.  I had my first go at Panning shots with my super 100 - 400mm telephoto lens.  See some in the Transportation page.

Recently i have been away for a week to a farm house at Bung Bong (yes its a real place) and its located approx 10km east of Avoca in central victoria. The main pourpose was so my hubby could go wine shopping in the pyrenees wine region.  Anyway it meant i could take loads of rural themed snaps!  On the first night (24-03-2008) we had a wicked thunderstorm that lasted several hours and it was mostly occuring in the distance over the Avoca township. So i thought id have a go at trying to capture some lightning shots. I did a lot of approx 60+ 1 minute long exposures (f10, iso 100) on tripod (with a cable release) and i was safely sitting under a carport with a great view towards Avoca. Its a bit of pot luck where the lightning lands and i missed a lot. However, i got a few good shots and one ripper shot. See the Weather page.  I was very happy with this last ripper shot and i decided to drop it into the local Avoca newspaper on Tues morning to see if they were interested (the storm had done some local damage and had good rains = their first for quite a while). They happily took my shot and it got on the front page of the Pyrenees Advocate on the 28-03-08 edition. They were kind enough to send me a few copies too!

We had a great holiday at Bung Bong Hill Cottage (is an absolute bargain and a super holiday house on 50 acres) and we went to many places: Halls Gap. Stawell, Talbot, Maryborough, Maldon and Ballarat and did we also did some gold panning at Sovereign Hill.  I have a few specks to show for it, but not enough to get Ray a Porsche ... yet!

In April (for my birthday) im off to Cradle Mountain for 4 days to do a photography shoot with a professional tutor and i just cant wait. I also hope to get aout amongst the fungi and autumn leaves too!

Ill keep ya posted.

Bye for now



New Year 2008

Posted by wolfersphotography on January 5, 2008 at 5:12 AM Comments comments (3)

Howdy and Happy New Year to Y'all !!

Hope everyone has had a great time in the festive season and not eaten too much (as i have).   Its been nice not working for a few weeks and have been able to do alot of photography.

I have just got back form a few weeks at Wilsons Prom (South east Victoria) and stayed at a very cheap but great farm house (Prom Views) just 200m from the entrance to Wilsons Prom National Park.  I had a ball and took lots of shots too!!

We also went to Bega (NSW) for a week including Chistmas Day with my family on my Sisters 100 acre bush block.  This land is so great with giant granite boulders, rock orchids, fig trees and heaps of wildlife.  I had the chance to take some great animal shots and there are a few online.

As fars as current news goes,

I am happy to say I made the top 10 finalists of the Dots section of the Canon5 competition with my Yellow Dots shot of a steam roller (see Creative Section). You can see all the enties at

I have also had one image puiblished from the Anzang nature competition in the Landscape section. You can go online at and see the Highly Commended enttries for 2007. Theyre all fantastic. The 2008 competition is on and any of you nature lovers should give it a go.

I am having a go at quite a few interstate and international competitions in 2008 ... so heres to good luck, i need some!!

Ill keep ya posted.

Ive just bought a big telephoto 100mm to 400mm zoom lens so am hoping to get some good "closer" wildlife and people shots this year.

Theres a few new slideshows online you can see via my "Slideshow" link. Please put your sound on as they all come with music.

cheers for now



Spring 2007

Posted by wolfersphotography on August 31, 2007 at 9:19 PM Comments comments (3)

Spring is Here !!

Yes it has been unusually warm for August 2007 with several 25 (c) degree sunny days here in Melbourne (which is 10 deg above average) and very little rain over the past month.   The water levels in our dams are curently 38.6% and are starting to drop again. We seriously need more rain.  We are still on water restrictions (3a) but people will start watering their gardens again (illegally) as things are drying up.  We did have good snow this year and this has boosted our supplies.  I think this summer will be far worse (than last summer) for low rain and bushfire dangers, so, please take care and install water tanks in your gardens (we have a 4,000 litre tank).

These sunny spring days have been great as ive spent a lot of time in the city photographing people,  architecture  and graffitti.

Theres three (3) new Graffitti pages here online.  They are for Painted works, posters and stencils. Its all from central Melbourne.

There are some brilliant artists around and the new wave/craze of stencil art is just amazing with some really cool graphic images. Whilst I know grafitti is illegal (and i really hate name taggers), its been going on for decades and isnt about to stop, no matter what we do or say.  Some of the workers are fine artists.  I note that many shop keepers now actively allow and encourage specialist work in laneways and side streets advertising their businesses. 

The two most amazing walls to visit are Canada Lane in Carlton which is devoted mainly to stenciling and Hosier Lane off Flinders Street in Melbourne which is devloted to the paint and poster scene.

Maybe the Councils should designate "permissable" areas and walls in public places for legitimate fine art works.

The warm weather is bringing all the flowers out which means we will get a nice beetle and bug explosion in our gardens.  Im hoping to do a lot more macro (close up) work with bugs n insects this spring (assuming my chooks dont eat everything).

The sunny weather has also been great to do some infra red photography and i have sepnt a few days in the city centre and at Melbourne Cemetary taking some interesting images ... check them out in the IR section!!

More architecture shots will be on the way soon too!!

Keep an eye on  my pages as im uploading new stuff every few weeks.

A special thanks to all who have visted these pages and especially to those who leave comments!!

Bye for now and cheers !



Winter 2007

Posted by wolfersphotography on July 11, 2007 at 12:57 AM Comments comments (4)

Howdy y'all,

Yep is the middle of winter and its cold down under here in Melbourne (yep, theres snow on them nearby hills) !!

This is my firest ever web site creation, so please be patient, it will take some time to evolve!! 

All suggestions are welcome!!

Thanks to the recent bad weather, we now have had some decent rains and our dams are on the rise. 

 No need to water the garden any more until next summer    !!           

(dont worry i use my own water tank anyway)!!

I have to say i prefer it cold and wet as it brings out all the moss and fungi in the forest for me to photograph.   It also means there will be no snakes around the forest floor as I regularly go wandering through the bush (off track) to find new things to photograph.   I wear gaiters and good boots but im sure my legs would be tasty to prospective snakes (maybe id be a little bit tough n chewy).

The freezing cold days are just awsome to do some frost macro photography and i just love those little frosted ice crystals on flowers and grass (go and see Macro shots) !!     I even got one shot (the Autumn leaf) in the Herald Sun newspaper in June 07 for the first frost of the year in Melbourne (I was pretty stoked about that)!!

Winter is great for cloudy days and fog.  I love the fog on the mountain tops (especially up on on Mt Donna Buang).   I do all my main forest landscapes on cloudy days as it really reduces the contrast levels and minimises dark shadows making water fall and forest floor shots easier to expose correctly.

We have been up to the snow a few times this winter (only on beautiful blue sky days) but i have not done much photography up there as it was too bright in the clear blue skys (its way too contrasty).  There will only be a few snow and wombat shots online.

Im hoping to go bush again soon (my Mothers Day pressie was a day by my self in the bush without the kids) so i cant wait to get out there !!


Cheers & see you again soon,