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Spring 2007

Posted by wolfersphotography on August 31, 2007 at 9:19 PM

Spring is Here !!

Yes it has been unusually warm for August 2007 with several 25 (c) degree sunny days here in Melbourne (which is 10 deg above average) and very little rain over the past month.   The water levels in our dams are curently 38.6% and are starting to drop again. We seriously need more rain.  We are still on water restrictions (3a) but people will start watering their gardens again (illegally) as things are drying up.  We did have good snow this year and this has boosted our supplies.  I think this summer will be far worse (than last summer) for low rain and bushfire dangers, so, please take care and install water tanks in your gardens (we have a 4,000 litre tank).

These sunny spring days have been great as ive spent a lot of time in the city photographing people,  architecture  and graffitti.

Theres three (3) new Graffitti pages here online.  They are for Painted works, posters and stencils. Its all from central Melbourne.

There are some brilliant artists around and the new wave/craze of stencil art is just amazing with some really cool graphic images. Whilst I know grafitti is illegal (and i really hate name taggers), its been going on for decades and isnt about to stop, no matter what we do or say.  Some of the workers are fine artists.  I note that many shop keepers now actively allow and encourage specialist work in laneways and side streets advertising their businesses. 

The two most amazing walls to visit are Canada Lane in Carlton which is devoted mainly to stenciling and Hosier Lane off Flinders Street in Melbourne which is devloted to the paint and poster scene.

Maybe the Councils should designate "permissable" areas and walls in public places for legitimate fine art works.

The warm weather is bringing all the flowers out which means we will get a nice beetle and bug explosion in our gardens.  Im hoping to do a lot more macro (close up) work with bugs n insects this spring (assuming my chooks dont eat everything).

The sunny weather has also been great to do some infra red photography and i have sepnt a few days in the city centre and at Melbourne Cemetary taking some interesting images ... check them out in the IR section!!

More architecture shots will be on the way soon too!!

Keep an eye on  my pages as im uploading new stuff every few weeks.

A special thanks to all who have visted these pages and especially to those who leave comments!!

Bye for now and cheers !



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