Photography by Louise Wolfers


I have now added a link so you can see some of the slide shows i have created with my photos and music.

Some of the awsome moody music has been greatfully provided with permission by Tony O'Connor at

The show of Mt Donna Buang recently got an Acceptance at the  2007 Australian Photography Societies =- National Competition along with Fungi of Australia (soon to be uploaded). In April 2008 I have also found out that i got 1st place and a Merit in the Animated section of the Australian Photography Societies Autumn Audio Visual Competition.  The first place was for my A.V. on Graffiti and the merit was for my Infra Red stuff.  My intention was to show people that some graffiti is a legitimate art form.

These shows are not for sale.

If you want to see them, go to this link below and click on a thumbnail image and then  click "Loop All" within the show for it to start.

Dont Forget to Turn your sound up !